Our Team at Boppalong Tours

Our team is here to help!
Boppalong Tours and Shuttle Services Excels at one thing: We know that Customer Service is Key and we Pride ourselves in knowing that you (the customer) and your party will be our number one priority.

Listed Below are Boppalong Tours and Shuttle Service Owners Experience Information:

Brian R. Bopp/Owner
Brian Bopp has 35 years of experience in the transportation industry. Brian is Boppalong Tours Main Driver and Travel Coordinator for all Travel Destinations.

Phyllis R. Bopp/Co-Owner
Phyllis Bopp has 12 years of experience in Travel Bookings. Phyllis is Boppalong Tours and Shuttle Services Main Travel Coordinator and Trip Adviser for the Waxahachie, Texas Area.

At Boppalong Tours and Shuttle Services, you will receive individual advice from our experienced staff and receive exceptional service. Whether it’s vacation packages or tailor-made trips and domestic travel, we will work tirelessly to create an ideal trip for your group or organization.

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